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Who We Areā€¦


Established in 2003, the Fairway Group entered the commercial arena with the development of an 800 KVA mini hydro power plant in the village of Sitagala in Balangoda. From this humble beginning, the Fairway Group has continued to expand rapidly, gaining an outstanding reputation for creating highly contemporary 21st century living spaces. This reputation has made the Fairway Group one of Sri Lanka's foremost, yet socially responsible developers of luxury residential properties.

Fairway Group is today in the business of real estate management and property development, renewable energy projects, manufacturing and trading operations, provisioning of financial services, pharmaceuticals and most recently the travel & leisure industry. With a diverse, talented, and experienced workforce of more than 250 employees led by a competent management, the Fairway Group stands as one of Sri Lanka's leading and fastest growing, dynamic emerging corporates.

As homegrown corporate offering lifestyle products, the Fairway Group follows a unique business model, focused on wealth creation for its stakeholders and sharing the wealth with its employees and the community.


A Chorus of Cheers…

The Institute for Construction Training & Development (ICTAD) was established to facilitate professional training and development activities towards the advancement of the local construction industry.

ICTAD's annual awards for Construction Excellence recognizes outstanding performances in the field of construction, taking into consideration factors such as professionalism, quality, material, manpower, the use of innovative technology, intelligent engineering and many other factors.

Two of the Fairway Groups' developments, the Fairway on the Waterfront and the Fairmount - Urban Oasis, received the ICTAD Construction Excellence Award in 2008 and 2010 respectively, reinforcing that the Group's hands-on approach with each of its projects was key to creating outstanding developments in the country. The iconic structures dominating the Rajagiriya-Kotte skyline are a display of outstanding qualities in terms of architecture, professionalism, innovation and attention paid to eco-friendly, socially responsible development.

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