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Asoka Glass & Mirror Co

Asoka Glass & Mirror Co (AGM) has been in existence since 1946 and was the pioneer in introducing many of the innovative products to the Sri Lankan Market including 'Tempered Glass' to Sri Lanka in 1994. The Company also design, supply and install Shower Cubicles, Laminated Glass, Insulating Glass, Ceramic Pattern Glass, Electrically Switchable Glass, Squash Court Systems, to name a few and has been the pioneer for most of the glass accessories introduced within the country. AGM entered into a Strategic Joint Venture with Fairway Holdings in 2013 aimed at increasing its product folio and market presence.

The long standing experience and knowledge base of Asoka Glass & Mirror Co combined with the homegrown and successful management philosophy and the financial backing of the Fairway Holdings Group, is certain to add value to the offering of products and services of the new joint venture. The key result of this strategic partnership will be the structured expansion of the company's business activities and the application of modern and dynamic systems and procedures in mobilizing our installation teams to ensure on time delivery and completion projects.

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