• Fairway Holdings (Pvt) Ltd
  • The Fairways, 100 Buthgamuwa Road Rajagiriya 10107 Sri Lanka
    Phone : +94 117 586586 - Email : info@fairwayholdings.com

Fairway BMS

This dynamic emerging corporate; Fairway Holdings, established Fairway BMS (Private) Limited, to provide leadership in the facility management profession. As a single, united entity promoting facility management, initially the company was set up to offer comprehensive building management and maintenance services to the properties developed by Fairway Group. But with an avid demand for urban vertical living in and around Colombo, the Fairway Group have since expanded building management and maintenance services into other contracted properties such as Majestic Apartments, Premier Pacific Pinnacle, etc. At its best, the services Fairway BMS offers is a real differentiator in the residential properties and in the commercial sphere, they provide a competitive advantages and thereby improve the productivity and image of the entire organization.

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