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Centrepoint Homes

With Centrepoint Homes, attention to detail and the finest quality details and finishes are delivered with a level of craftsmanship that is truly beyond experience. Here, new concepts take shape and new possibilities are born. To us at Centrepoint Homes, luxury is not external appearance or material well-being alone. It stands for a totally new lifestyle, a rich experience that makes every moment quality time. By choosing Centrepoint Homes and its valued services, you choose to take part in a story; a story that unveils the ultimate expression of lifestyle.

Centrepoint Homes currently operates a showroom in Nawala and hopes to further expand its business through additional showrooms and other means of distribution. Plans are also underway to introduce other complementary product lines including uPVC windows and doors; another eco-friendly and long lasting option to solid timber. Environmentally-conscious apartment seekers will be pleased to know that in addition to elegance and first-class amenities, Centrepoint Homes offer an eco- friendly living opportunity.

Through an innovative commitment to green living with Centrepoint Homes, Fairway Holdings can now provide elegance and first-class amenities in an eco- friendly living ambience for all those environmentally-conscious apartment seekers while helping to sustain the environment.

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