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With the dawn of peace, accelerated development, increased mobility and a growing dining - out culture, Sri Lanka is gradually transforming into a modern metropolis. In cosmopolitan Colombo and its suburbs, urban sophistication and natural beauty come together in different proportions and in different ways, but they come together just the same.

Rajagiriya is where it all begins. Located in confines of the city of Colombo, Rajagiriya has become the centre of the emerging metropolis, bringing the business and administrative capitals together to create this new ‘Downtown’ Colombo. Today, Rajagiriya is an address with an impeccable pedigree and real cachet, a place that sets new standards for 21st century lifestyles.

It took the vision of an innovator, the knowledge of experts, and the commitment of its management & workforce for the Fairway Group to complete 10 years of successful existence. Founded in 2003, today, the Fairway Group drives a business portfolio spanning five diverse sectors of enterprise in the business. With its prime focus in Luxury Residencies & Commercial Property Development, the Group also ventured into Manufacturing & Trading, Renewable Energy, Financial Services, Pharmaceuticals and Travel & Leisure.

At Fairway Holdings, we aim high. With a diversified business portfolio that spread far and wide across varied fields, we constantly strive to be innovative and dynamic in our approach. With a visionary culture, and a reputation of integrity and trust, we are committed to maintaining the highest quality of standards in all spheres of business activity. This blend has resulted in the evolution of a resolute and dynamic corporate entity unlike any other.

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