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In today's day and age, 'Sustainability' and 'Green Buildings' are buzzwords among every architect and property developer They strive to find ways of constructing and managing buildings in a sustainable and environmentally-friendly fashion. But not many pay real attention to all the aspects of 'building green'.

The Fairway Holdings Group of Companies has long promoted a clean and healthy environment and truly believes in being environmentally friendly as an integral part of everything they do. The Group's very first business venture, a mini hydro power project in the village of Sitagala, aimed to produce clean and renewable energy is a classic example of this initiative. Since then, the Fairway Group has partnered the promotion and development of three wind power plants that collectively produce and supply over 30 MW of energy to the National Grid. Focusing on energy efficiency, saving natural resources such as water and natural ventilation and lighting - in order to build in a greener, more sustainable manner has been the company's vision from the outset.

The Fairway Group promotes sustainability and environmental responsibility, continuously striving to maintain eco-friendly practices all their projects and execute their plans in a socially responsible manner. Such a strong commitment and direction have enabled Fairway Holdings to conceptualize and develop beautiful homes, where distinctive design and elegant comfort complement each other and the environment.

Build it back Green

The two completed luxury residential projects, The Fairway on the Waterfront and The Fairmount - Urban Oasis are both centered on cleaner living. The wetlands, the natural habitat in Rajagiriya and its surrounding areas, also make it the ideal location to for eco-friendly luxury developments. However, in order to retain the beauty of this natural environment, the Fairway Holdings was conscious of not disturbing the natural eco system and the environment. The Fairway Group's latest luxury residential project, The SkyGardens takes this initiative to the next level, further contributing to a lifestyle that reduces our carbon footprint. The flawless interiors will be designed specifically to maximize natural ventilation and lighting in order to promote healthier living. LED lighting and state-of-the-art "inverter technology" to lower the energy costs, rain-water for gardening to reduce the overall water consumption, the use of engineered timber products that are imported from responsibly harvested sources will be used in the construction and development of this magnificent edifice. All projects undertaken by the Group are carefully checked from every perspective to conserve our nation's valuable natural resources and thereby minimizing the negative impacts through the implementation of routine actions and by sustainable management.

Eco Projects

Initiatives undertaken by the Fairway Group in the field of conservation and raising awareness on the environment and its community are many. The Group truly believes in fulfilling its share of social responsibilities to the community.

The values that drive this corporate are a combination of what is expected in terms of ethics and professionalism underlain by the cultured values of what feels right in terms of the conscience of it's Management. Supporting a Montessori, supply of all school needs for over 300 children in the area, adult technical education and training projects and providing financial assistance aimed at empowering self-employment are some of the humanitarian initiatives and CSR programs of the Fairway Group. As a responsible corporate citizen, the Fairway Group truly believes in being receptive to the requirements of its community and environs.

Development and sustainability cannot exist in isolation. It only works well when a complex and intimate relationship with the local community strikes a harmonious balance.

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Better Living. Better Life

A truly Sri Lankan home grown corporate, offering lifestyle enhancing products and services; Fairway Holdings offer lifestyle products and services.

The Fairway Group is so much more than a name synonymous with luxury residences. Renowned for its leadership in real estate development, within a span of few years, the Fairway Group has rapidly expanded into other areas of business interests and investments. Today, it is a fully-fledged corporate operating in a plethora of industries, from real estate to manufacturing & trading operations, renewable energy projects, hire purchase services and most recently, the travel & leisure industry.

Fairway Holdings follows a unique business model, focused on wealth creation for all its stakeholders and sharing the wealth with its employees and the community.

The Fairway on the Waterfront

The Fairway Group's pilot high – rise project, The Fairway on the Waterfront on the edge of the picturesque Diyawanna Lake in Rajagiriya was completed in 2007 by Fairway Residencies (Private) Limited. This magnificent twenty storey luxury apartment complex is the ultimate expression of lifestyle. The Fairway is a space that sets new standards for urban vertical living.

Looking out from the giant windows in the residences, taking in the extraordinary view, residents can see a staggering distance, all the way across the Parliament, the view of the lake and lush greenery around, it brings to vivid life the vision of an urban space meticulously created to cater to an array of needs giving you the perfect blend of comfort, world class luxury, cutting edge style and a highly sophisticated ambience; a lifestyle thus far unheard of in Colombo. The Fairway on the Waterfront is the first benchmark of architectural brilliance and artistry of Fairway Holdings.

The Fairmount - Urban Oasis

Thriving on the success of The Fairway on the Waterfront, a few years later in 2010, Fairway Condominiums (Private) Limited brings another exquisite design with unparalleled service, superior amenities and an enviable lifestyle to the confines of Rajagiriya, The Fairmount - Urban Oasis. Nestled among a wealth of lush greenery, the shimmering glass building soars 31 stories, offering breathtaking views of the locality and lake.

The Fairmount resonate the true meaning of futuristic living. Taking a look at The Fairmount, one of its most radical features here, other than being a resplendent architectural delight, is the rooftop infinity pool. Every amenity and facility that you enjoy at Fairmount will take you one step closer to that 'oh-so- perfect life' that you strive for and newer reasons to celebrate the occasion called life, everyday. This splendid work of architecture is designed to maximize living spaces, minimize unnecessary corridors and ensure that every square foot of interior space within the apartments are created with purpose to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. Living at The Fairmount is truly a unique and luxurious experience.

The SkyGardens

The SkyGardens by Fairway Sky Homes (Pvt) Ltd is the third edifice by the Group following its success of The Fairway on the Waterfront and The Fairmount - Urban Oasis. Having won the ICTAD award for Construction Excellence for two of Sri Lanka's most spectacular array of unique lifestyle apartment towers; The Fairway and The Fairmount has not only propelled the Group to maintain the highest levels and standards in all their development projects but also taken it to newer heights with their latest luxury residential project, which aims to take innovative design measures several steps further. The Sky Gardens resonate the true meaning of futuristic living.

The state-of-the-art apartments at SkyGardens stand testimony to the aesthetic design and modern engineering features Fairway Group is renowned for. The SkyGardens offers apartment living space of a staggering 4,000 sq. ft. making it one of the biggest apartment space options in the country, enabling the residents to experience the convenience of apartment living combined with the luxury of a spacious mansion. Built in the same locale, Rajagiriya, surrounding acres of lush green foliage, wetland forests, waterways and the Colombo cityscape, The SkyGardens is a perfect abode for residents to retreat after a busy days work. They could enjoy the nature and peaceful surroundings, walks along the waterways, enjoying the wetland wildlife including the many endemic bird species that make the Rajagiriya wetlands their home.

This iconic creation is a design that features a wide range of resort like amenities such as a roof top sky garden, a large swimming pool, state- of-the-art gym, badminton court, squash court, basketball court, clubhouse, diner and tennis court making life at the SkyGardens a truly unique 'castle in the sky' experience. Needless to say, these towers are a distinct and iconic example of the new urban living in the growing city of Rajagiriya. With its stepped futuristic design against the night sky, the SkyGardens is also the first vertical living tower in the locality to have 31 stories, making it the tallest structure in Rajagiriya. Built with straight-line minimalist style architecture and well-planned landscaped terrace gardens, SkyGardens will be as much of a wonder to behold, as it will be to live in.

Fairway BMS

With this in mind, this dynamic emerging corporate, established Fairway BMS (Private) Limited, to provide leadership in the facility management profession. As a single, united entity promoting facility management, initially the company was set up to offer comprehensive building management and maintenance services to the properties developed by Fairway Group. But with an avid demand for urban vertical living in and around Colombo, the Fairway Group have since expanded building management and maintenance services into other contracted properties such as Majestic Apartments, Premier Pacific Pinnacle, etc. At its best, the services Fairway BMS offers is a real differentiator in the residential properties and in the commercial sphere, they provide a competitive advantages and thereby improve the productivity and image of the entire organization.

Ascot Building

From a truly outstanding reputation for creating highly contemporary, 21st century living spaces, the Fairway Group has also ventured into commercial property development. Ascot Building, a state of the art office complex in Colombo 10 was developed by Ascot Developers (pvt) Ltd, an associate company operating under the management of the Fairway Group.

The Ascot Building office complex is currently occupied by the Ministry of Economic Development. This commercial property was a challenge to develop as it is built on a relatively small extent of land and was successfully completed by incorporating Sri Lanka's first multi - level, automated car parking system in this steel structured building. With each of its properties, whether it's residential or commercial, Fairway Group continues to raise the bar of super luxury vertical construction consistently. No doubt, it has made them one of foremost real estate and property developers in the country.