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Serenity – Tranquility surrounds you. Water smoothes you. Infinity captivates you…

The post-war tourism boom and the expansion of the financial and other service sectors as well as developments in the aviation and maritime services have propelled Sri Lanka and Colombo into fast becoming South Asia's commercial hub, increasing the demand for urban vertical living in the city. In this transition, discerning customers look for a new way of life, a lifestyle of luxury, sophistication, convenience and style.

The rapid development taking place in the current capital of Sri Lanka; Sri Jayewardenepura Kotte bordering Colombo has rejuvenated and combined both cities into a single large wave of city life, with Rajagiriya becoming its new central point. The Rajagiriya area, nestled among a wealth of lush greenery, surrounded by natural wetlands and the picturesque Diyawanna Lake offers the ideal combination where indulgence and luxury go hand in hand.

'Downtown' hideaways

The Fairway Group's Real estate and property development sector, which is the core business of the Group, is responsible for some of the most iconic developments in the area.

These luxury high-rise apartments are built to the highest standards, fusing contemporary straight-line, minimalist style architecture that creates a unique ambience within the building, while taking into account each property's unique character and appeal, working sympathetically within its surroundings and environment.

The SkyGardens project, which is the third apartment complex developed by the Fairway Group, was completed in the 4th quarter of 2014.

Construction has also commenced on the fourth luxury vertical living project by the Fairway Group - The Elements which is planned to be completed in the 4 th quarter of 2018. With this evolving skyline, no doubt, this fast progressing down-town area will soon become the 'Manhattan' of Colombo, marking it as a remarkably elegant place to live.

Beyond Colombo, Fairway has started construction on the Fairway Galle, a landmark apartment complex in Galle which heralds the groups arrival and introduction of its vertical living concepts to the South of Sri Lanka.

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