A journey of discovery and new horizons.

Fairway Holdings stepped in as one of the pioneers to venture into this new business with a vision of further enhancing the link between tourism and domestic aviation in Sri Lanka through the concept of private domestic aviation, as well as to cater to the growing need for skilled pilots in the aviation industry.

Fairway Aviation Academy

The Fairway Aviation Academy (FAA) is a Pilot Training School catering to the growing need for skilled pilots in a variety of aviation fields both in Sri Lanka and around the globe.

Under the tutelage of some of Sri Lanka's most experienced aviators, students have the opportunity to earn Private Pilot License (PPL), Commercial Pilot License (CPL) and Commercial Pilot License with Instrument Rating Integrated (CPL/IR).

Fairway Aviation Academy is the only aviation academy in Sri Lanka to offer a float rating with cutting-edge facilities including a large hanger, state-of-the-art training academy and a selection of air crafts that comprises of Cessna 152s; an American two-seater multipurpose civil aircraft, Cessna 172s; nicknamed “Skyhawk”, a four-seater single engine, high-winged, fixed-wing aircrafts, Cessna 172 float & Cessna T206H; a shorter takeoff distance aircrafts. Furthermore the Bell 505 helicopter will be added to our fleet in the near future.

Visit www.faa.lk for more information.


F-Air was the first private entity in the country to import an amphibious aircraft to Sri Lanka, offering a range of domestic flight options from whale watching, scenic air tours to selected destinations, leisure flights and charter flights. Plans are already underway to expand the operations of F-Air by acquiring additional aircrafts.

Fairway Holdings will continue its pioneering efforts to develop other aspects of domestic aviation in Sri Lanka in order to make it both affordable and accessible to a bigger clientele, while keeping the concept of air travel, a way of day to day life.

Visit www.f-air.lk for more information.