Propelling aviators to reach greater altitudes.

Fairway Aviation Academy

Fairway Aviation Academy (FAA), the leading aviation academy for pilot traning in Sri Lanka, provides training for a range of pilot licenses. Being approved by the Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka (CAASL), FAA trains students to obtain their Private Pilot License (PPL), Commercial Pilot License (CPL) along with Instrument Rating (IR) and Frozen Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL).

Students may also obtain additional qualifications, such as a float rating.

As aviators, we strive to maintain a culture that promotes education in a safe and professional environment. Our team consists of well experienced and dedicated instructors who help students to learn and hone the art of flying into a lucrative career.

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Our Fleet at Fairway Aviation Academy


The Cessna 152, an American manufactured two-seater, is a popular training aircraft due to its simplicity. With a slightly high powered engine than the Cessna 150, the aircraft provides students with a real life flying experience as against learning in a simulated environment. Sensitive to changes of the wind, the Cessna 152 enables the student to get a complete ‘feel’ of the airplane and the control forces necessary to operate it. Fairway Aviation Academy currently owns two Cessna 152 aircrafts.

Our Fleet at Fairway Aviation Academy


The Cessna 172 “Skyhawk” is a four seat, single engine aircraft that is arguably the most popular training aircraft utilized around the globe.

Reliability, combined with ease of use and a rugged airframe, the Skyhawk is the ideal trainer for aspiring pilots.

Our Fleet at Fairway Aviation Academy


The powerful turbocharged engine of the Cessna T206H yields shorter takeoff distances, faster climbs, higher altitudes and greater speed.

Equally popular for personal use and air transport, this airplane provides the pilot with a chance to hone their skills as well as varying their flight experience.

Our Fleet at Fairway Aviation Academy


Cessna 172 Float combines all the versatility of the float airplane with the reliability of the Skyhawk. The float rating is an essential addition to any resume, especially for a pilot living on an island.