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Fairway Waste Management - Karadiyana

Pioneer in waste to energy solutions in Sri Lanka
Fairway Waste Management (Pvt) Ltd. is set to lead the way in transforming end-of-the-pipe waste disposal in Sri Lanka. The flagship project positions Fairway as the dominant player in the sector in Sri Lanka and in the region.
The project will undertake to process as much as 640 tons of waste transported to the facility. It is designed with an installed generation capacity of 83,000,000 kWh of electricity per year, 40,000 tons of liquid fertilizer per year, 7,500 tons of solid fertilizer per year and bottom ash using two processing plants, one for source segregated biological waste (post and pre-consumer waste) and mixed waste from Colombo suburbs.

The plant has been designed with input from COWI A/S, a global player in Solid Waste Management and Deltaway Energy (USA), consultants and operators specialized in waste incineration technologies. The plant is 100% European design with Global EPC taking the lead in implementation.
Fairway Waste Management has invested USD 7.4 million to date on engineering design, site works, civil construction (piling), access road, permits, and licenses, etc.


- Compliant with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
- Compliant with European Waste Incineration Standards.
- Principal contributor in "Waste Free Clean City" Programme.
- 102,000 MT CO2 equivalent of Carbon Emission Reduction (CER) from the project.

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Fairway AdvancedWaste Solutions

We provide the best solutions in hazardous and non-hazardous industrial waste management through our strategically developed long-standing relationships with the global leaders in waste management and waste-to-energy industry - from concept to completion providing links to a network of experienced technology and O&M partners.

We offer treatment methodologies ranging from advanced thermal processing with emissions & combustion management systems for hazardous and non-hazardous industrial waste as well as biological processing for municipal sludge, industrial sludge and distillery waste.

Fairway Advanced Waste Solutions was established to address a dire requirement for safe and sustainable disposal of industrial waste in Sri Lanka meeting international standards. Fairway Advanced Waste Solutions is a pioneering Board of Investment (BOI) company set up to collect, transport and manage industrial (non-hazardous and hazardous) waste in the country. This project paves the way for several industries that require verifiable industrial waste disposal avenues in order to meet international standards of manufacturing in Sri Lanka.

Project 1 :
Hazardous Waste Management Project – Sri Lanka, all island
Project 2 :
Industrial Waste Incinerator Facility at Seethawaka Export Processing Zone
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