Waste to Energy solutions

The steady expansion of the renewable energy sector encouraged Fairway Holdings to seek ways to generate power in a renewable and sustainable way. Fairway Waste Management Private Ltd was therefore established to execute socially and environmentally responsible waste projects in Sri Lanka and the region.

Fairway Colombo

A team of international and local experts in waste technologies work together to provide long term solutions in waste management, facilitating technology transfer and capacity building in Sri Lanka to provide sustainable waste management solutions for the future.

The company’s inaugural ‘Waste to Energy’ project at the Karadiyana landfill was the first ever large-scale waste processing facility in the country to meet all international environmental and sustainability standards. A public-private partnership, Fairway Waste management is a part of the “Waste Free, Clean City” concept outlined by the Waste Management Authority – Western Province, and the Government of Sri Lanka.

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