Unique research and development solutions for a transformative future.

Fairway Biotech facilitates unique research and development opportunities in the fields of natural products, drug designing and pharmaceuticals in the local market.

Fairway Biotech

Our state-of-the-art laboratory and cutting-edge capabilities of our human resources, ensure a progressive and innovative approach to the field and strengthen research connections with our partners within the industry as well as the government and nonprofit sectors, both locally and internationally. Our integrative team of scientists are specialised in chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology, pharmaceuticals and biomedical science and are currently collaborating with the academia, committed not only to conducting groundbreaking research but also to pave the way for new sceintific discoveries.

Recent developments:
Animal Feed market is to be revolutionized with the introduction of PAP (Processed Animal Protein) to produce healthy livestock from natural protein supplements, which in turn will result in a healthy society.
Await for our new patented herbal products - anti-arthritis ointment and liver protection capsules from our registered Ayurvedic manufacturing facility. These herbal products contain tested ingredients that specifically treat each health condition to provide guaranteed relief.

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